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FCW Divas Debut As Brodus Clay’s Dancers, John Morrison Appearing At Indy Show

— The two dancers flanked by Brodus Clay in his Raw debut were WWE developmental wrestlers Cameron Lynn and Naomi.

Naomi finished second in the third season of NXT while Lynn, whose real name is Ariane Andrew, was the first contestant cut on last year’s Tough Enough series. Both performers appear for Florida Championship Wrestling.

— Former WWE star John Morrison is scheduled to appear at Dreamwave Wrestling’s event taking place April 7, 2012 in LaSalle, Illinois. He will only be participating in an autograph signing.

— Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez created a photo shoot which was inspired by actor and director Eli Roth. Check out the exclusive photos and Shelly’s personal message about what peaks her interest in horror among other things.


  • venom

    I doubt they will use the same divas everytime Brodus comes out.

  • Davey Zoo

    I thought it was brilliant what they did with brodus. Dancers were hot aswell.

  • joe

    looked like i was watching something from the 70’s when clay debuted last night, but i kinda enjoyed it, especially while he was wrestling, not all the prematch song and dancing

  • simon07

    I couldn’t care less about Brodus Clay’ returning or debuting, but it was actually quite good.

  • PLW

    Yes! Naomi is on the main roster finally!

  • hbk fan

    flash funk is back