FCW Star Seth Rollins Talks About Working for WWE and the Indies

– FCW Tag Team and 15 Champion Seth Rollins has published a new blog where he talks about working for the independents versus working for WWE developmental. Here’s what he had to say:



“I was asked recently to compare my time on the indies to what my life has been like down here in Tampa working with WWE for the last 6 months. I’ve got a few free minutes on this drive to Miami so I thought I’d use that time to divulge some of my thoughts on the subject. Hopefully they aren’t boring thoughts.

First, the similarities. The situations are virtually the same: a congregation of men and women trying to find success in the entertainment business. Shows on the weekends, paying dues, trying to do the best we can to achieve our goals. Friendships and relationships are made, cultivated, and broken. Wrestling is wrestling, no matter how much it tries not to be.

Which brings me to the differences, and there are many. Freedom is the greatest compromise. And I don’t mean in the ring. I’ve been lucky enough thus far to have been granted a more than reasonable amount of creative freedom with my style and personality. What I mean is that down here, this business becomes full time. Training is daily, fitness is regimented, watching the product is required, I’m setting up and tearing down rings again, street teams on off days, and shows 2, 3, and sometimes 4 days a week. That’s the trade off for getting a paycheck every week. It’s an interesting lifestyle, and after being In the business for 6+ years now and always being in control, it has been an odd adjustment for me to make.

People often ask me if I regret my decision to leave ROH, or if I wished I had gone to TNA. My answer is no. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to live out part of my dream in ROH. My 3 years there were more fulfilling than I ever thought possible, but what should be understood is that wrestling for WWE was always my goal. Main eventing Wrestlemania is my Everest. And that is not a knock on ROH at all, it’s just my personal feeling. And it always has been.

One thing I’m proud of is that I’ve never changed. I will always be the kid wrestling in his backyard in Buffalo, IA…I’ll always be the bright eyed 18 year old driving half way across the country to wrestle for a dozen t shirts…I’ll always be the guy who cried in front of 2000 fans the night he won the ROH World Title. Love me or hate me, I’ll never change.”

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