FCW-WWE TV Tapings from August 6th, 2009

– Here are results from last night’s Florida Championship Wrestling TV tapings from Tampa. Thanks to Michael Spears and FloridaIndies.com:



– Gabriel pinned Espiral.  After the match Gabriel cut a promo about wanting to become FCW Champion

– Sheamus & Drew McIntyre defeated Max McGuirk & Wes Brisco when Sheamus pinned McGuirk

– The Abraham Washington Show (hosted by Abraham Washington along with Rosa Mendes and Troy Jackman) featured Alberto Banderas (formerly Dos Caras Jr.). This was actually a very entertaining segment where Washington thought he had Antonio Banderas instead of Alberto Banderas.  Washington making fun of Banderas’s gold led to an altercation between Banderas and Jackman which Banderas got the better of.  The segment finished with Washington saying he was going to have karate lessons next week so Jackman can learn how to fight.

– Johnny Curtis pinned Mr. Tarver

– Dawson Alexander pinned Curt Hawkins

– Lance Archer pinned a returning Eric Escobar

– Brett DiBiase, Bo Rotundo & Duke Rotundo beat Trent Beretta, Caylen Croft & Dylan Klein after DiBiase pinned Beretta

– Yoshi Tatsu & Tiffany beat Ricky Ortiz & Alicia Fox when Yoshi pinned Ortiz

– Justin Angel pinned Alex Riley in a decent match

– FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion Tyler Reks retained his title in a triple threat match against Heath Slater and Joe Hennig when Reks pinned Slater


– There really wasn’t anything must-see tonight.

– Angel and Riley had a decent back-and-forth match.

– The crowd was really into the main even with dueling chants for Reks and Hennig.

– How good can a show be when the Abraham Washington show was one of the highlights?

– It was nice to see Eric Escobar back in the ring.

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