Fedor Emelianenko Humiliates Chuck Liddell In Video

Fans recently spotted Fedor commenting on Chuck Liddell’s legendary beer gut which is forever the greatest,



The legendary Russian heavyweight, Fedor Emelianenko who in the first half of this century helped make MMA what it is today, had just been knocked out in 2:30 by Ryan Bader in the main event of Bellator 290 at The Forum. There was a scratch on his nose. Blood dripped from his lip. His face was reddened. He was winded as he tried to express his emotions after an incredible 23-year career had come to an end. Fans believe that it wasn’t supposed to be like this.

As it was, sweaty, bloodied and battered, Emelianenko was all grace and class in the cage when it was done.

“At one side, I’m sad of course that I didn’t deliver in the fight,” Emelianenko said in the cage through a translator. “On the other side, though, I’m happy that all these people are here cheering for me and all these veteran fighters who have walked this path with me for the last 20 years are here to greet me, so I’m very happy.”

Bader, of course, made his name as a heavyweight in 2019 by knocking out Emelianenko and then wished him goodbye by pummeling him in his retirement fight.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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