Female GOP Governor Calls Trump A Loser

In a recent interview on “The Hill Sunday” on NewsNation, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley took a critical stance on former President Trump, attributing recent Republican losses to his influence. According to Haley, since Trump took office, states like Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado, and Virginia have experienced defeats in gubernatorial races, state houses, and state senates. She asserted that Trump’s involvement in these elections has had a negative impact on Republicans across the country.



Haley used the platform to underscore her perceived strength as a candidate, pointing to polls where she leads President Biden by a significant margin of 18 points in a hypothetical general election matchup.

She expanded the scope of her candidacy beyond the presidency, emphasizing its potential impact on House, Senate, governorship, and school board elections. The former South Carolina governor stressed the urgency of addressing wasteful spending by both Republicans and Democrats and outlined her vision for restoring the country’s economy.

“I defeat Joe Biden by 18 points. This is more than the presidency. It’s House, it’s Senate, it’s governorships at school board. It’s about getting our country back on track because if you go in to D.C. with a double digit win, you go in and you stop the wasteful spending happening by Republicans and Democrats and get our economy back on track

As Super Tuesday loomed, with 16 states set to vote in presidential nominating contests, Haley acknowledged trailing Trump by double digits in the polls but positioned herself as the only formidable opponent to the former president. Despite the polling disparity, The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s polling average indicated that Haley holds a slight lead of nearly 4 percentage points over Biden in a hypothetical matchup.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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