Female Rapper Reveals Truth About Trump Marriage

Rapper Azealia Banks recently shared her thoughts on the upcoming 2024 election, noting she will vote for former President Donald Trump due to his humor and failed marriages via Media Ite.



It has been noted that during an interview with the British media outlet The Standard, Banks claimed that Trump’s television career, bankruptcies, and multiple marriages makes him her ideal candidate for the Oval Office.

“He’s just f***ing funnyyy,” the rapper said. “He’s been through how many bankruptcies? How many wives? How many television shows? Seriously, nothing can take him down.”

Banks claims she feels safer in a red state where “everyone carries a gun” after moving from California to Florida in 20221. However, she bashed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for his feuds with drag culture and Disney.

“Seriously, that’s the guy who’s running for president? The guy who wants to argue with Mickey Mouse? Mm. Okay,” she said.

When it comes to the prospect of having Trump in charge of the nuclear arsenal again, Banks claims she’s not worried because “Well, he didn’t press it the first time…You never know, Biden might hit the wrong shit on the antennae and blow the whole thing up.” Banks believes keeping President Joe Biden in office past 2024 should be considered “elder abuse.”

Biden and Trump will likely be there party’s nominee for the general election. According to Real Clear Politics, Trump does hold an edge over Biden in key swing states.

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