Female Singer Humiliated At Party With Will Smith

It has been noted that Leona Lewis shared an amusing anecdote of meeting Will Smith at a party. Lewis, along with guests Fred Sirieix, Joel Dommett, and Allan Mustafa shared stories on The Lateish Show with Mo Gilligan (20 December).



The singer told of meeting the actor at a party, where her aunty hilariously walked straight up to the Hollywood star and introduced her niece.

“My aunty went over to Will Smith and she was like ‘You need to meet my niece, Leona!”

She held her head in her hands and added: “I was like, oh my god.”

It has come to light that the allegations of an affair between Duane Martin Will Smith have been a topic of conversation in recent weeks. Brother Bilaal, a former assistant to Smith, has been vocal about his claims, which he initially revealed in his memoir, Will Smith Demonic Circle.

In a recent interview with Unwine Tasha K, Bilaal she again doubled down on his allegations.

He gave Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith, a two-week ultimatum to sue him or face the release of evidence.

The allegations of an affair between Duane Martin Will Smith first surfaced.

When Brother Bilaal revealed in his memoir that he had stumbled upon the two co-stars engaged in an intimate act in Martin’s dressing room.

Smith and Pinkett-Smith initially denied the allegations and threatened legal action against Brother Bilaal for extortion.

However, Brother Bilaal has stood by his claims.

He has even challenged the couple to release any footage they may have of the alleged incident to disprove his allegations.

He also claims to have further evidence to support his claims, which he said he will release in two weeks if Smith and Pinkett-Smith do not sue him.


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