Fight breaks down during Elimination Chamber, fan arrested

While the Elimination Chamber PPV was filled with some exciting matches one of the most unpredictable things during the PPV took place far away from the actual ring.



According to several reports, a fight broke down in the crowd during the PPV which led to the arrest of a fan. Below is a video footage of the fan being escorted out of the arena:

Hell By Nature, the site which originally posted the footage speculates that alcohol could be the catalyst for this fight but there is no official confirmation on this.

Several fans also note that there were attempts of starting the ‘beach ball mania’ again during the Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt match on the show but these efforts weren’t caught on camera this time.

As noted before Roman Reigns won the Elimination Chamber match which was the main event of the show and he will now be challenging Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania.

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