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Finn Balor believes a Bullet Club reunion will be a step backwards

Finn Balor

When first Finn Balor and then Gallows and Anderson made their WWE debuts, many people hoped that we’ll get to see them forming a faction similar to Bullet Club sometime in future.

While we did get a ‘club’ reunion when AJ Styles joined the duo, it wasn’t exactly what people were expecting and many still hope to see the club getting united under its original leader Finn.

However, Balor himself does not appear to be in the favour of forming the faction. During his recent interview with Sports Illustrate, the former Universal Champion was asked about a Club reunion to which he said that it will be a step backwards:

“You know, for us as a group, especially myself and Karl, you know, two of the original members, that was you know, very, it was very much like a moment in time, You know, to kind of like reform that now would be kind of like regressing like in our careers”

When asked if we can see the NJPW World Champion Kazuchika Okada in WWE anytime soon the former NXT Champion said this:

“I don’t know about anytime soon. Possibly, you know, in the distant future, I’m sure, you know, as you say, anything can happen. And nobody thought Finn Balor would be in the WWE. Here I am.”

Apart from this Finn Balor also said that Okada was just visiting his friends backstage at recent WWE shows and it didn’t mean anything for his future.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I think it would be a step forward, especially since Balor isn’t used much since returning and Karl/Anderson have randomly become jobbers.

  • Sparti Love

    Considering he hasn’t done anything since he’s returned from injury, it would be a step forward and likely put him back in the title picture

  • M

    If they were properly utilized it’d be a different story but as of right now without any story behind it, it would be as pointless as breaking up Enzo & Cass.