Finn Balor discusses being unhappy in WWE’s main roster

While Finn Balor made an impactful debut on the main roster, things didn’t work out the way he had planned afterward and he had been stuck in the mid-card with no meaningful direction from the past few years.



During his recent appearance on WWE’s After The Bell podcast, the former Universal Champion discussed a number of things including his wrestling career and more.

While discussing his recent return to NXT, Balor recalled how he was not happy with his spot on the main roster and revealed how his NXT return came together:

“It came to be a couple of months ago. Things weren’t going kind of as smoothly – well, I don’t want to say ‘as smoothly’. I just wasn’t happy where I was at on RAW and SmackDown; I had a conversation with Hunter, we pinged some ideas back and forth, I took a little time off and came back in NXT. It’s all been awesome since,”

Apart from this, Finn Balor also talked about relinquishing the Universal title due to his injury, learning the WWE style of wrestling and more.

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