Finn Balor reveals why he didn’t return at WrestleMania 33 despite being cleared

Finn Balor was heavily rumoured to return to WWE before or at WrestleMania 33, but fans were left disappointed when Balor did not show up at the Biggest Wrestling Event of The year.



Though he made his return the night after that on Raw, the majority of the fans agree that his comeback didn’t create the same impressions it would have, if he had returned at Mania.

During a recent interview with, Balor talked about the time and revealed that he was fit but didn’t make his comeback at WrestleMania, because there was no place in the card:

“It was quite an interesting scenario because the reality was I actually was fit and I was ready and I was back wrestling, there was just no space on the card at WrestleMania,”

At this stage, we have no choice but to accept how things went down, though seeing Finn Balor struggling to find his position on Raw, one can only wonder if this scenario could have been different, only if he had returned to WWE TV a day earlier.

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