Finn Balor talks about his actual backstage relationship with Triple H

In this week’s WWE NXT Super Tuesday II, Finn Balor won the NXT Championship for the second time in his career. He is only the third person to achieve the feat after Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura. Balor defeated Adam Cole to be crowned as the new Champion.



In a recent interview with TV Insider, the new Champion talked about the backstage relationship he shares with the Executive Producer of WWE NXT, Triple H.

Finn Balor on relationship with Triple H

Over his years on NXT as well as on the main roster, Triple H has been the one person always behind him. Balor revealed that he was uncertain about his career when he first came to WWE more than half a decade ago. But he was fortunate to strike an understanding with The Game early on, which has only grown better ever since.

“Working with him has been absolutely fantastic. I came to WWE about six years ago with a lot of uncertainty. There were expectations, but personally, I was uncertain how it was going to go. I feel like myself and Triple H struck an understanding early on in my career at NXT. It has grown and developed. He is someone I can say I’ve spent in and out of the ring more than anyone else. I trust his direction and take his advice. He’s someone I feel very fortunate to have developed a friendship with the last couple of years.”

Balor believes he has proven himself to Triple H as someone who can be trusted with the yellow-and-black brand name. He hopes to carry forward the legacy of Triple H in WWE NXT by performing at the highest level in the coming years.

“Maybe I’ve proven myself to him as someone he can trust to get something done. We have a good bond. Having gone through what he has in building NXT and the brand, hopefully, I won’t let him down by continuing to build the brand and perform at the highest level.”

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