Finn Balor teases return of Demon King against NXT Superstar

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor remains one of the best talents in the gold and black brand, as he has competed in several excellent matches. His second run began in 2019 after a mediocre run on the main roster. However, Balor has yet to show his Demon King persona during his second run.



Finn Balor recently spoke to The New York Post for a Q&A prior to his NXT TakeOver title match against Pete Dunne. He was asked if his Demon King alter-ego will ever return. Balor teased the return of his persona and stated that it is possible against an opponent such as Karrion Kross.

“Definitely. Obviously, there are moments in time for everything. Right now it doesn’t feel like the time for The Demon, but I’m sure there will be a moment where I go OK now it’s time to rock. You know, Karrion might be that time, but we will have to see how events kind of develop. Hiis character is definitely something that is very intriguing to the audience. Whether The Demon can add another element to that kind of situation when it arises will be interesting.”

We will have to see if the two eventually face off against each other.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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