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‘Fire Bradshaw’ chants at SmackDown in England

  • D2K

    No wrestler past or present has done more good for WWE (and perhaps all of pro wrestling in the Western hemisphere) than Hulk Hogan. He made one mistake (while he wasn’t even employed with the company,) and got FIRED.

    Sorry. No sale here. JBL is there because he is Vince’s boy just like I said. No more, no less. To add to that, JBL’s net worth is only about $9 million so his “Wall Street” influence at best would be infinitesimal to Vince. I’m sure Vince has a far more qualified financial-advisory board at his disposal.

  • D2K

    Uh no. We’ve already seen more than enough solid evidence and any wrestler as one of his victims can have more than enough evidence to provide. The fact is that if JBL is the boss’ boy, it doesn’t matter what evidence you bring. Vince enforces rules when, where, and how he chooses. Period.

  • Johny Payne

    JBL has a lot of pull behind-the-scenes in WWE. Plus, the general lack of solid evidence against the man, has still kept him from being fired despite several accusations being hurled against him over the years.

  • Thomas Murray

    WTF influence has he on Wall Street ?

  • MrDr3w

    I think the fact that he has done a ton of good for WWE behind the scenes over the years, combined with his influence on Wall Street, has a little bit to do with why he has a job as well.

  • D2K

    Bradshaw is totally useless, was average at best in the ring and on the mic, and only has a job because he is Vince’s boy…………and that is why he will remain employed regardless of JBL’s consistent breaches of established protocol.