Fit Finlay Credited For WWE Divas Division Work, Rock Tweets About HBO Show ‘Ballers’

The Rock posted the following on Twitter with regard to his prospective new show on HBO, Ballers…



– In The Miami Herald’s nine-part series on women’s wrestling, WWE Legend Gerald Brisco, who now scouts talent for WWE, gave props to Fit Finlay for his work with the WWE Divas division:

“It’s like building a house in 1920 or building a house in 2013. What do you start with? You start with the foundation. You lay that foundation, and everything else will fall into place…I’m going to give props to where it’s due. The divas, the ladies are better athletes now than they have been ever before, not taking away from anyone before. Props go out to David Fit Finlay also because he has handled the divas and turned them into tough workers. It’s outstanding to see, and I can see his fingerprints all over it. He has done a tremendous job. He has taken that charge because some people would have been, ‘Oh no, not the divas.’ He said, ‘Give it to me.’ Now they come to him to see how to make it a little bit tougher and rougher. He takes that time to sit down to explain it to them and breaks it down into details to where they are able to understand it. He is a tremendous asset to the division and WWE.”

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