Flip Gordon loses NWA Championship match against Nick Aldis, loses another chance to be ALL In

Over the past few weeks, The Promoters of ALL In have managed to develop an interesting storyline surrounding an indie star known as Flip Gordon.



Gordon is a young wrestler and he was all excited to compete at the upcoming indie supershow of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, except for the fact that he isn’t booked for the show.

One of the show promoters Cody hates Flip and despite the fact that he has had several chances to win his spot at the event, Gordon has come up short everytime.

He was given another similar opportunity last night when Billy Corgan booked him for an NWA Championship match against the current title holder Nick Aldis.

A victory would have made him a champion as well as the man in line to possibly main event ALL In against Rhodes himself, but Flip failed in this quest once again.

While like a true hero, Gordon chose not to quit after being locked in the Texas Cloverleaf by Aldis, the referee had to call the match after he passed out.

After the bout, Cody Rhodes came out and showed some respect for Gordon, but the big question still remains unanswered after his defeat, will Flip Gordon be ALL In?

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