Floyd Mayweather Bank Payment To Rig Fight Leaks?

Chael Sonnen recently made some bold claims about undefeated boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. He claimed that the Mayweather’s exhibition match in Japan is always fixed.



Chael Sonnen makes huge claims against Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather, who is retired from professional boxing had picked up his final win against UFC megastar Conor McGregor in August 2017 which saw him obtain a flawless 50-0 and he’s performed in three exhibition matches. The first of the bunch came as a massive surprise when Mayweather found his way into Japan-based MMA giant RIZIN Fighting Federation. In that December 2018 New Year’s clash atop RIZIN 14, Mayweather knocked out undefeated superstar kickboxing prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa in two minutes and 20 seconds.

This weekend at Super RIZIN on September 25, the 45-year-old legend returns for a showdown with former RIZIN title challenger Mikuru Asakura. A majority of voices questioned the legitimacy of Mayweather vs. Nasukawa, and the aforementioned Sonnen remains in doubt about the same matter:

“Floyd is claiming he’s gonna get $20 million for this — I call it ‘rassling because they’re not actually [fighting] — but whatever they’re getting ready to do in Japan, whatever that is that’s going to look like boxing, he’s getting $8 million,” Sonnen said on his YouTube channel. “Now, eight is a beautiful number. But he claimed he was getting 20. So I feel because I know the real number, that I can’t let it go. I must come to you guys. I have a journalistic obligation to come and inform you it’s actually $8 million and he’s exaggerating.

“He going to do something — exhibition? They’re calling it something. He’s doing ‘little guys that are terrible.’ He’s getting good exposure making a bunch of money and he’s having a really good time. All of those things bother me. I don’t want him having a good time. No fighter gets to have fun. No fighter that’s 40 years old that isn’t doing actual fights, only pretending to go against terrible competition that can barely sell … I mean these guys can barely even pretend that they’re knocked out. It’s not all that good. They don’t get to have fun and make millions of dollars.”


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