Floyd Mayweather Cheats Against Deji In Photo

Floyd Mayweather was called out by the referee for hitting Deji too low during their exhibition fight on Sunday, as seen in a photo below. Some even speculated Mayweather could be disqualified due to a low blow.



The fight was stopped after Mayweather landed a flury of shots in the 6th round.

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Floyd Mayweather and Oscar de la Hoya are two of the most famous boxers of the 2000’s, with Oscar nearly returning for his own exhibition last year against Vitor Belfort before canceling the fight.

Oscar De La Hoya donates massive amount to hospital

Golden Boy Promotions CEO and East Los Angeles native Oscar De La Hoya presented a $1 million dollar check to Adventist Health White Memorial Hospital today during a special event hosted by Chavelyta’s Pink Hood. The “Pamper Me” day treated people who have recently been diagnosed, completed treatment, or have lost a loved one to cancer.

The donation, spread out over the next decade, will allow for a significant expansion of breast cancer services for the Boyle Heights community. De La Hoya is a longtime donor to the hospital, where several departments are named in his honor, including the Cecilia Gonzalez De La Hoya Cancer Center, the Oscar De La Hoya Labor & Delivery Center and the Oscar De La Hoya Neonatal Intensive Care Center.

Oscar said:

“Today, I am here to help provide funding for life-saving cancer treatments that are desperately needed by the women in our community. But just as importantly, I am here to send a message to those who, like me, have been so fortunate in our lives.

“My connection to breast cancer is well known, but I promise that every single person of means has a connection to an issue where those less fortunate are suffering. Today, as the city we live in faces deep-rooted problem, it is time for all of us to step up and be counted.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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