Floyd Mayweather Humiliated At Airport In Video

Floyd Mayweather was rejected entry to Dubai at an aiport in a video, and had to make a call to get in, as seen below. It’s all happening in the world of combat sports – where grown men punch each other in the face until one of them can stand no more… Floyd Mayweather recently refused to walk to the ring to fight Deji until Jake Paul decided to leave his ringside seat.

According to the UK’s www.mirror.co.uk, The boxing icon, Floyd Mayweather, not WWE’S “Freddy Joe Floyd”, stormed on to YouTuber Deji’s – brother of KSI – over eight rounds in his latest money-spinning exhibition bout in Dubai. After the co-main event finished, several major arguments seemed to flare up backstage. But of course they would. With the amount of heat, adrenalin, alcohol, and testosterone (natural and synthetic) flying around, it was destined to occur.

One of the arguments involved was how many minutes each round would be, while another sprawled into the open involving the size of boxing gloves. Jake Paul quickly turned into a keyboard warrior and told the social media universe that he confirmed he too was a reason for a two-hour delay between contests at the event. “Floyd wouldn’t fight unless I left the building,” he said. “Shallow ego. And KSI refused to be seated near me. Didn’t see him the whole event, Hide and go seek.”

Mayweather and Paul have long history having broken each other’s noses before the boxing legend’s fight with the elder Paul brother, Logan, last summer. Back then, Paul snatched Mayweather’s cap which sparked an altercation which left the YouTuber injured. Don’t mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns…

Paul has called out the former five-weight world champion on several occasions but his demands have been met with silence. This week, Mayweather told Paul he should focus on rescheduling his fight with Tommy Fury – the ex WWE performer.

It’s heating up. What happens next, only Mayweather knows.


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