Floyd Mayweather Humiliated By Japanese Man In Video

Floyd Mayweather remains one of the most legendary boxers in all the pro boxing world. Floyd Mayweather also previously posted a heartbreaking photo of his girlfriend.



Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather previously announced that he will make his return to the squared circle next month in Dubai to face former sparring partner Don Moore in an exhibition match. The Hall of Famer sees no problem with his decision to continue taking exhibition opportunities. In the end, what matters to him is earning more money.

He defeated Don Moore quite easily as well.

President of Rizin, Noboyuki Sakakibara, has issued an apology for some of the behavior Floyd Mayweather experienced at Rizin 38. Prior to this fight, as is often customary during Japanese combat sports events, there was a ceremony where the fighters were presented with flowers. Only the gentleman tasked with handing Floyd Mayweather his flowers was not very happy about doing so, instead tossing them to the ground in a clear act of disrespect.

“Thank you for all who attended, and tuned in for today’s event. I truly appreciate all 22 fighters from the bottom of my heart. And again, we deeply apologize for letting such a vile individual step into the sacred ring. We promise that we will make sure such actions will never be taken place ever again,” Sakakibara wrote.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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