Floyd Mayweather Looks ‘Miserable’ In Miami Beach Photo

Floyd Mayweather may be the newest spots meme as he just took to Instagram to post up a few photos from his most recent time in Miami, Florida. In the first photo, we see Floyd looking sad and like he belongs on an emo album cover. Floyd is looking down at his shoes as the photo is taken. Surely, this was taken by someone on his team as it was posted on his Instagram….<a href="https://wrestling-edge.com/mike-tyson-warns-child-about-logan-paul/">Mike Tyson ‘Warns’ Child About Logan Paul.



In the photos that followed, we see a more happy Mayweather as he was seen throwing around a football on the beach. The photos do look great and it seems that Mayweather is enjoying his well deserved time away from the boxing ring as we wonder if this retirement is for good at this point as someone new is knocking on his door…

AJ McKee is undefeated at 18-0 as a Bellator MMA champion and he now wants to make a statement by going after Mayweather.

McKee stated: “I would have a lot of respect for him, straight up. I’m the best at my sport. He’s the best at his sport. I would just enjoy sharing that moment with him. He’s like my dad! I call my dad ‘my antique’. If you go hard with my antique in the gym? I will [mess] you up. Be careful because if you hurt my antique we’ve got a problem.”

Special thanks to SkySports for the transcription.

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