Floyd Mayweather Reveals Who ‘Is Bigger Than Logan Paul’

Floyd Mayweather made decent work out of Logan Paul when the two had faced one another. Floyd is now speaking about other fighters who he feels are even larger than Logan Paul is…Logan Paul ‘Humiliated’ After UFC Vegas Bet.



Via a YouTube video that we have attached below, Floyd Mayweather spoke at the post fight between Mario Barrios and Gervonta Davis. The fight itself was pretty off the chain as the two battled like warriors throughout the whole fight.

After a strong start from Barrios by using his jab to control distance without over extending himself to be countered, the diminutive Davis made the most important adjustment of the fight in Round 5 when he began to parry at Barrios’ jab with his right glove. The change disarmed Barrios of the shot as he became worried that the quicker Davis would counter him in close.

Barrios appeared to hurt Davis with a left hand in Round 9. By the following round, the two fighters routinely traded big shots in the center of the ring as the action only increased.

Davis beat out Barrios by a margin of 96-93.

Floyd Mayweather stated about Barrios: “I had never seen him in person. So when I got in the ring I was looking and was like damn, fucking 154? He was bigger than Logan Paul.” Mayweather was in Davis’ corner for the fight.

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