Floyd Mayweather Security Humiliated In Painful Video

The undefeated Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard ‘Jizzy’ Mack, whose real name is Ray Sadegh recently suffered a knockout loss by a Japanese kickboxer in the co-main event of his boss’ exhibition fight against Mikuru Asakura.



‘Jizzy’ Mack endured a knockout loss

‘Jizzy’ was called out for the fight after he pushed Asakura during the press conference, which is seen as a sign of disrespect in Japan. His opponent was a Japanese kickboxer named Koji ‘Kouzi’ Tanaka. The fight started off slow with Sadegh and Tanaka sizing each other up. The weight difference between the pair had disparity as they fought in an open weight fight. ‘Jizzy’ weighed in at around 186lbs, whereas ‘Kouzi’ reportedly weighed in at 144lbs for the fight. The American looked to utilize his size and power advantage early in the fight.

‘Jizzy’ used every opportunity he could to begin clinching and was loading up with power shots as Tanaka moved in and out of range. The pair exchanged multiple punches in the first round, going back and forth. The second round was much better for the American as he landed a right hand which appeared to have dropped the Kickboxer. However, the referee did not count it as a knockdown.

The third round was tough for Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard, who was seemingly exhausted. Tanaka sensed this and pressed the action, landing a crisp left hook and a follow-up right to knock ‘Jizzy’ down for the first time. The American escaped the count and got back on his feet only to be knocked down once again, courtesy of another left hook. The referee then put an end to the bout.

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