Floyd Mayweather Sexual Remark To Ronda Rousey Leaks

The legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather and UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey are two of the popular stars in combat sports. It was noted back in 2014 that she was refused to be recognized by Floyd Mayweather. The comments did not sit well with ‘Baddest Woman on The Planet.’ In one of his past interviews, ‘Money’ had also addressed Rousey as “he“.



Ronda Rousey fired back at Floyd Mayweather

Rousey had fired back at Mayweather after winning the prestigious ESPY award for Best Fighter of the year 2015. Later, Rousey also went on to explain why she chose to fire back at Mayweather. She also gave him the same treatment and called him a “she“. The YouTube channel of TMZ Sports shared a video in 2015, which showcased Rousey talking to a questioner about this entire issue. The reporter started off by asking, “Did you plan on taking a shot at Mayweather at the ESPYs?

‘The first ever UFC women’s Bantamweight champion’ was also subjected to a lot of criticism after she lifted the 2015 EPSY’s trophy for ‘Best Female Athlete Ever’ topping even the female tennis legend, Serena Williams.

She replied:

“Yeah, I planned it since he tried to get snarky with me the year before.” ‘Rowdy’ was definitely referring to Mayweather’s 2014 interview. She continued, “So, then I thought to myself that I’m gonna be there in the morning and I’ll say something,”.

‘The arm collector’ also said that she would’ve “waited three years perhaps” but she would’ve definitely given it back to Mayweather.

The reporter iterated, “So you had your speech already ready?” Rousey replied that it was not so. She said, “I didn’t had it ready, I just knew I was gonna say something.”

Rousey also revealed that this incident got into her head, saying, “I actually thought of it while I was swimming one day and I lost track of my laps because of it. I was like, what number at am I on?”.

This whole feud had cropped up while Mayweather was asked about Ronda Rousey by David Greisman from BoxingScene.com, and he replied, “I don’t even know who he is… I ain’t know who that is.”

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