Floyd Mayweather Tries To Fight Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre, the former UFC champion, recently revealed that he was approached by none other than the legendary boxing icon, Floyd Mayweather, for a potential boxing match. While the offer itself was certainly enticing, GSP made it clear that he had certain conditions that must be met before he would consider stepping into the ring.



During a recent conversation with combat sports journalist Aaron Bronsteter, the former two-division champion divulged that he has been approached multiple times by Mayweather’s management team, expressing interest in a possible boxing bout. However, Georges St. Pierre is not one to take such a significant decision lightly. He has certain criteria that must be met before he agrees to risk his health and well-being.

The iconic Canadian fighter emphasized that his primary concerns are centered around the inherent risks associated with any combat sport. As such, he is not willing to compromise his health for any amount of money or fame. He made it crystal clear that he won’t be swayed by money alone, and that his honor is at stake.

During his conversation with Bronsteter, Georges St-Pierre said,

“The biggest name in boxing came up to me, asking me to fight him in boxing. And I told him, because for me, it’s a question of my honor, not money. You cannot buy me. I said to him that if he wants to fight me, he must let me use leg kicks and takedowns. It’s one or the other; I’m not going to box the best boxer for money. If they want to fight me, they have to accept my terms.”

Clearly, GSP takes his fighting legacy very seriously, and he is not one to compromise his principles. He is a fierce competitor who is determined to succeed on his terms, rather than simply for the sake of fame and fortune. Mayweather’s team will need to think carefully if they want to persuade GSP to step into the boxing ring, as he won’t be swayed by financial incentives alone.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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