Floyd Mayweather Tries To ‘Murder’ Boxer In Miami?

Floyd Mayweather remains one of the most legendary boxers in all of the pro boxing world. Floyd Mayweather also recently posted a heartbreaking photo of his girlfriend. 



Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather are certainly no strangers to each other, as the ‘Gotcha Hat’ incident prior to Mayweather’s fight against Jake Paul’s brother Logan Paul is still fresh in the memories of fans and both of them as well.

Jake Paul recently spoke to The Fullsend Podcast, where he claimed that Floyd Mayweather tried to get him killed after the ‘Gotcha Hat’ incident earlier this year.

“My brother and I come in and we’re like the young trolls who don’t give a f***. And we’re like genuinely making this old guy look really stupid and we legitimately hurt his feelings. Like that’s what happened, that’s why he was so angry. Like we hurt his feelings, his hair was all f***ed up. And just making him look stupid in general. And no one’s ever really gone there and really hurt his feelings. He was trying to get me killed behind the scenes for sure. He was calling like the gangsters cause we were in Miami here at the time. And he was like calling the street people because my security is tapped into street people. And they were like, ‘Yo, you guys gotta be f***ing careful, he’s trying to do something.'”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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