Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Sad Ticket Sales Leak

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather vs Logan Paul is one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches of recent memory – or is it? Although the match between the undefeated boxing icon and the YouTube celeb turned boxer has been heavily hyped for quite some time, it has been revealed that ticket sales for this highly publicized event has been very underwhelming, to say the least. WWE Star Joins Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather.



Co-Founder of Eventellect, Patrick Ryan revealed that there are several high-profile seats still available for this fight. “The @LoganPaul and @FloydMayweather announcement of it being an unsanctioned fight didn’t help ticket sales 48 hour from the bell getting rung, Looking forward to @kotickets take on this one”.

Ryan’s tweet was responded to by Greg Kimble, an individual involved with emergency management within the state of Florida. Kimble pointed out how lower bowl tickets being too expensive could be a reason why there has been sluggish ticket sales. Kimble replied: ” Ticket sales have been underwhelming for this event bc 1. Lower bowl tickets are priced WAY too high. 2. The $50-75 price point tickets weren’t available until a few weeks ago and may have discouraged some that might travel in. 3. The fight is on a Sunday night.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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