Foley Teases WWE Return Following On-Screen Firing; TNA Contract Status

Last night’s episode of IMPACT WRESTLING concluded with Hulk Hogan announcing that Mick Foley had been fired as the Network Executive.



Hogan opened up a legal document and said that effective immediately, The Network has exercised the option of terminating said position. He then said to the camera, “Mick Foley, you’re fired!” Hogan’s theme music played and Bischoff said, “This is the happiest day of my life.”

Foley lampooned news of his on-screen firing on Twitter. He wrote, “Wait, I was FIRED?!? Are you CEREAL..I mean SERIOUS?!?”

He added, “Wait, I just checked my DVR and it cut out during Bischoff’s speech. I can’t be fired; I just got back a few weeks ago. Right?”

Foley then teased a possible return to WWE, saying The Miz needs a new assistant (following the dismissal of Alex Riley) and he needs a new job.

He wrote, “Good point @DHStom – I think @mikethemiz might need a new assistant..and I need a new job. Interesting, huh?”

He then retweeted a fan’s comment indicating that he could have appeared at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s birthday bash rather than return to TNA for a few weeks. It read: “Good thing Mick had to stay around for 3 weeks rather than be at @TheRock ‘s bday bash. #baddecisions”

In accordance with the storyline, his profile has been removed from the company website’s roster page. Foley, however, is still under contract to TNA. It expires in early September and he stated during an interview late last year with that he doesn’t plan on renewing it. “The Hardcore Legend” said he was frustrated with communication problems inherent in the structure of the organization and that he wasn’t pleased that they didn’t air footage of his appearance at Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

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