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Foley Upset About His WWE HOF Speech Not Airing on TV?

– Mick Foley tweeted the following about his WWE Hall of Fame induction not airing on TV:

“Thanks for all the messages of support concerning #WWEHOF. I’ll give the best speech I can, and let the decision makers make the decisions.”

Foley later watched a copy of his upcoming WWE DVD with his kids and wrote this:

“I’m in a much better frame of mind after watching my new DVD with my kids. I have SO much to be proud of. No way I’ll give fans anything less than the best possible speech I can. And if the powers-that-be decide not to air my speech on television, I’ll accept that it was a simply a decision that was beyond my control, and do everything I can – through the passion for my profession – to make that decision look as glaringly stupid as possible.”

Foley also tweeted with the hashtag #DumpedForTrump, a reference to Donald Trump’s induction airing on TV next week. Foley also told one unhappy fan that a “WE WANT FOLEY” chant during Trump’s speech would be a “perfectly acceptable reaction.”

  • Me

    Typical WWE caring more about money from views that a “celebrity” will pull than actually giving a crap about their wrestlers.

  • Dan

    I sort of get them wanting to use a “celebrity” to entice more viewers who aren’t particularly big wrestling fans, but from what I know Trump isn’t going to be that big a deal. Plus surely the fact Schwarzenegger is inducting Sammartino covers that, and with more star power.

  • Stumpy

    That is possibly the most asinine thing the Big E has ever done. One does not simply air Trump over the wrestling legend Foley.

  • Jason Lentini

    Foley > Trump anyday. Foley has EARNED the right to have his speech on TV. Trump has the Apprentice.