TDS [010] – TNA: What Can We Do To Improve It

For you folks who have been paying attention to my “Coming Tomorrow” line at the bottom of my columns, I apologize. I put “TNA Sacrifice Predictions” and I’m very clearly not here with “TNA Sacrifice Predictions” . I will be honest, I really was going to present you pretty folks with my picks, but I got really busy and had a nice family gathering. I got back and had about 45 minutes until the PPV started. After a quick glance over the card, I came to the conclusion that I had no idea about the back-story to half of the matches taking place. I mean, seriously, the storylines to half of the matches were NOT advance or even mentioned to what I noticed on this week’s edition of Impact. I may not be a business major, but that cannot be good for getting buys when half the card isn’t being advanced on the go home show. Nevertheless, it gave me an idea for a replacement. So, without any further ado, here she be!



Way back during last summer it was reported that TNA’s PPV buys were hovering around 8,000 to 10,000 buys per event. If you don’t realize what that means, then let me say this. That was ground breaking news that is HORRIBLE. Around the time that this rumor hit the netwaves, it was reported that Spike TV wanted to get more exclusive primetime programming from TNA. In short, Spike TV wanted to pay TNA big money for PPV quality shows on select Sunday Nights.

It was reported that TNA would shorten its PPV schedule to just four big events a year, and fill those open Sunday Nights with PPV quality events. Nothing ever materialized, for what I believe is Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff’s faults. I speculate they disallowed it to happen because they felt it would make TNA look completely minor league.

I disagree with those statements. TNA would greatly benefit from dropping to just four PPV’s a year and going ahead and getting that big money by putting on good events on TV. I mean, it’s not like buys are going up for the company’s PPVs. Why NOT go ahead and reach out to a bigger audience. Hell, I’m positive TNA would garner more money per free televised event than they do per PPV event. Not only, that but I would almost guarantee that the PPV buys for each of those four events would quadruple. There’s really no reason at all that those events wouldn’t be seen by 100,000, easily.

TNA does average 2.0 million viewers per episode of Impact. It’s not like 5% of those peeps wouldn’t buy more events if it was more spread out.

Let’s look at this a little deeper, though. If 2.0 million people watch Impact a week, and they only average in about 10,000 buys per event, then that means they are only convincing a mere 0. 5% of their viewers to buy their PPVs.

If that’s not more of a testament to how poorly TNA is being run, then I don’t know what is. I mean, only half a percent of their viewership feels the need to waste their hard earned money on a PPV event that is less than spectacular.

So, how do we fix this problem? Easy, TNA needs to drop eight of their PPVs NOW. They need to keep four of the bigger events and spread them out evenly throughout the calendar year. It’s not even like they would have to drop the eight gimmick infested PPVs either. That’s where that deal with Spike TV should come in. You could easily name those specific Sunday Nights after the lost PPVs.

I see no way in hell that the Sunday Night spectaculars couldn’t garner in a 3.0 rating. Maybe even higher. I also see no way in hell that the “Big Four” PPVs couldn’t bring in 100,000 buys. All TNA would have to do is properly promote them. Hell, while there busy copy catting the E, they should take notes on how to promote PPVs. WWE may have lost a beat or three in recent years as far as promoting PPVs, but it still stands that they are much, much better at the art than TNA.

All I’m here saying is that TNA could push itself to be bigger. They just have to implement the right systems. I believe the system I proposed above is perfect. Perfect for now, at least. Hell, it could be so perfect that the E eventually adopts it. Who knows. What we do know, though, is that now is better than ever to implement it. Mick Foley is bringing in change, why not add this format?

So, now it’s your turn ReaderLand. What do you think of the PPV format? Do you think Spike TV would even still offer it? Is it even possible to get TNA buys up to 100,000? Is it within the realm of possibility to see TNA garner those 3.0 ratings? Would YOU order all of the “Big Four” PPVs? Let me know what your feelin’ people. As always do so by leaving a sexy comment in that comment box below, or send it in via e-mail. It’s always appreciated guys! Without you all hear reading my stuff I’d have no where to write. You literally make it worth doing day in, and day out!

I’ve got another thought to put out there before I go real quick like. If anybody is interested in becoming a writer for FightLife Magazine, please e-mail me an application. Also, if you would like to be apart of the upcoming Survey Says staff, also feel free to e-mail me and I’ll get you the list on what to fill out. Thanks, guys! For now, though, I must bid you all farewell from beautiful Mars. Lata mah playas!

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