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Former Champion cleared to return

Darren Young WWE

We noted before how former Nexus Member and Former Tag Team Champion Darren Young was expected to return to the ring soon after the injury he suffered earlier this year.

Now Pro Wrestling Sheet has confirmed that the former NXT Star had his evaluation done last week and WWE Medical Staff has cleared him for in ring return

Young suffered an elbow injury while competing in a match with the Colons on an episode of WWE Main Event in January and he underwent a surgery back in February this year.

Though there is no word yet on if he’ll be returning to WWE TV anytime soon and it’s also not clear when he will be making his official in ring return.

Prior to his injury, Darren was paired with WWE Legend Bob Backlund but whether this pairing will continue after his return or not is not confirmed either

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    He was better with the Prime Time Players. Another tag team that they broke up too soon. Remember back in the day when good tag teams ran together for many years? (Hart Foundation, Rockers, etc.)

  • CC

    The whole thing with Bob Backlund is done. Trying to pick that gimmick up all this time later wont work as his injury killed any momentum that gimmick had.
    To be honest, the only time he has had any real fan support was as part of the Prime Time Players, and as Titus is actually in a gimmick that seems to be working for him, that reunion aint happening.
    He could join Titus Worldwide I suppose, but would that really work? I mean they only seem to be able to concentrate on one member at a time (what has Crews done since Tozawa came on board?)

    I hate to say this, and really do not want to come across as a bigot, but I think the fact he came out so publicly is what has kept him in WWE til now. With all the negativity that has come out over the years from the likes of Kanyon and the whole Bill Demott using gay slurs etc, I think WWE wants to a: not risk being accused of homophobia if they let him go, and b: Want to use him as a show piece to appeal to the gay community, much the same as they do with Indian or Mexican wrestlers to appeal to their countrymen.
    At least to their credit they did not give him a cliched flamboyant gay gimmick.
    I could be wrong of course, so apologies to him and WWE if I am.

    Like any wrestler, I would hope he will finally find his niche and get over, but I truly think his time with WWE is done.

    Maybe they should have gone with an illegitimate brother of John Cena angle when everyone was pointing out that he looked like a black Cena.

  • BB

    Honestly, I think they should let this guy go. Nothing against him or anything but he just doesn’t seem to be connecting with the audience. They’ve tried a couple storylines with him and nobody seems to care.