Possible spoilers: Former Champion and more spotted in Saudi Arabia for Greatest Royal Rumble

While WWE has announced many major names beforehand for the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble match, there are still many spots left to fill in the match.



At this point, about 20 spots are still unaccounted for at the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble and we cannot decline the possibility of several surprise entrants in the 50 participants Battle Royal.

Pwinsider is reporting that former WWE star Daivari and former Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle have been spotted in Saudi Arabia for the upcoming event this Friday.

While there is no confirmation on what these former stars are doing there, the most likely possibility is that they are present to participate in the upcoming mega Live Event.

While it’s been some time since they both last appeared on WWE Programming, considering that the company is throwing insane money to bring in every possible star they can, their presence is not much of a surprise.

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