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Former controversial WCW Champion to make his debut on WWE Backstage

Few moments in pro-wrestling’s history have been as disastrous as actor David Arquette becoming the WCW World Champion. The actor is a trained pro-wrestler, having made his return to the ring last year on the independents.

After having worked a number of great matches on the indies, Arquette redeemed himself within the wrestling fanbase.

Earlier today it was revealed that the 48-year old actor is all set to be debuting on WWE Backstage on FS1 in a special “PROMO SCHOOL” segment of the show.

The show is set to be stacked with CM Punk making his debut as a panelist on the same episode.


  • BB

    I’ve always liked Arquette. He always said that him winning the WCW title was a horrible decision that he didn’t want happening at the time but it did anyway; pretty much what Rinn13 said.

  • Rinn13

    It was stupid for wrestling fans to ever “hate” him in the first place. He grew up a wrestling fan, and he was just thrilled to be involved in WCW. He didn’t make the choice to put the belt on him, WCW did, and he even said in the commentary for “Ready to Rumble”, that he understood that an outsider coming in and winning a championship wasn’t viewed well.

    Regardless, he has always seemed like a really chill, earnest, good dude in my book.