Former Intercontinental Champion backstage for Smackdown Live

On Monday Night Raw, Trish Stratus surprised the Toronto audience when she interrupted Elias, trading verbal blows with the Drifter before slapping him across the face. Could tonight’s Smackdown Live crowd get some surprises tonight as well? According to PWInsider, it’s possible, as Santino Marella is currently backstage, along with Maryse and Brie Bella.



While Brie Bella and Maryse will be involved with the Daniel Bryan-Miz storyline going forward, with a mixed tag team match taking place at Hell In A Cell, Santino’s presence is currently a mystery. Though he could just be there to see old friends, as that’s not uncommon in the business in the case of former talent, it’s possible we could be in for another surprise tonight.

Trish Stratus is also backstage, but it’s unlikely we’ll see her tonight.

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