Former Smackdown superstar returns at Money in the Bank

Carmella had an uphill battle ahead of her tonight, as she defended her WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship against Asuka. The Empress of Tomorrow got the better of Carmella last week, forcing her into the Asuka Lock, and it seemed that she would finally capture her first title on the main roster.



Carmella put on more of a fight than most people probably expected, avoiding the majority of Asuka’s offense and countering some deadly strikes with kicks of her own. However, Asuka’s experience and skill eventually got the better of the Princess of Statin Island, leaving the champion kneeling in the middle of the ring.

However, an Asuka imposter made their way ringside and stared into the eyes of the challenger. Asuka, confused, couldn’t take her eyes off of them. However, the double revealed themselves to be none other than James Ellsworth. Ellsworth gave a wink, and before Asuka could turn her attention back to the champion, Carmella landed a deadly kick right on the jaw, picking up the three-count and the victory.

With the return of James Ellsworth, how dangerous is Carmella? With wins over two of Smackdown Live’s best talents, the champion has proven that Mella is Money.

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