Former TNA Star Has Arm Amputated

It was back in November last year when the former Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling star Jimmy Rave had announced that he would call it a day as a wrestler due to having his arm amputated. His career spanned for 20 years and Rave has had famous stints in TNA Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Dragongate, and CZW.  Vince McMahon ‘Censors’ Becky Lynch Segment



Here is what he said:

“I have been very blessed for the last 21 years in professional wrestling and getting to live out my dream. Today, that dream has ended for me and I have a new reality. This past Tuesday my world came crashing down when Doctors found an infection in my left arm. I tried toughing it out but by the time I saw a doctor it was too late and they had to amputate my left arm above the elbow. Thus effectively ending my in ring career.”

Jimmy Rave recently posted an update:

“Apparently it’s time for me to come clean. This past June I began having trouble walking & went to my surgeon. He determined I had MRSA in both legs & they needed to be amputated immediately. Promoters can tell you along with my peers, I’ve had a history w/this and would cancel shows often due to this condition. I don’t know where rumors started this was due to something else, but I hadnt been to shows for so long. So where did someone see me do something? *I* have ALWAYS been honest with my past. *I* went on podcast n interviews being super candid.

Pro Wrestling is all I ever loved. It sucks to think that the tribe I would have died for, would say untrue things about me. I’ve gone this whole time not disclosing my legs because of this embarrassment. Sorry I fell short of your expectations. I tried … I really did.”

“Thank you to all those who have been supportive of this journey thus far. Your contributions have helped in my daily living and getting life back in order. I just recently got this bill in the mail …WOW! If you can help…

With mounting medical expenses and also having to face the reality of never wrestling again he set up a fundraiser.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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