Former TNA Talent Believes It’s ‘About Time’ TNA Goes Out of Business, Hulk Hogan ‘Fading’ Him, More

Former TNA talent Alex Silva recently sat down for an interview with Hannibal TV to discuss his time with TNA. You can check out some highlights from the discussion here:



On Hulk Hogan ‘fading’ him backstage:

“They didn’t put me over really. I said ‘hi’ to everybody. That match I remember I got out of the bathroom and I see Hogan right in front here, like on a table really close to the door, and there was two guys in front and he was talking to them. And the guys they stopped and looked at me, and I’m like ‘okay.’ So I guess Hogan knows cause he’s talking to them so I’m like ‘hey sir, I’m Alex. Nice to meet you.’ Guy faded me, kept going and I’m like ‘alright, superstar go ahead. Do what you gotta do.’ Then I won Gut Check and after Gut Check he’s like ‘oh, brotha I’ve never seen your real shoot in my life, you managed to –‘ it was filmed, and they didn’t show it. So I give him a hug and I’m like ‘thanks’, but then after in the plane I’m like ‘yo, this guy faded me before.’ Now he says ‘good job’ and it’s like –“

On his time with TNA:

“I was mad I didn’t get used afterwards. First Gut Check winner, I could be an easy baby face, get bullied, and then I don’t know turn heel and fight back, wrestle better talent and get better. But they didn’t want to use me, they had shows in Louisville too, and Kentucky they didn’t use me. Then I was doing the same fu*king kind of matches at OVW with the same talent all the time. Not all of them, but it was easy to like — take it easy. If you watch OVW wrestling now, you know what I’m talking about.”

On missing his opportunity with TNA after having his flight repeatedly delayed, and going off on Bruce Prichard when he arrived:

“I walked down, I said hi to Kurt, and Kurt Angle is like ‘yeah, good job tonight kid.’ I was like — like at that moment I don’t care who the fu*k you are you’re being stupid. You don’t even know what the fu*k is going on, why do you say that? So I was getting mad. And then other guys were like not even looking at me. I talked to Al Snow and he said ‘Ah, at least you made it! Good job!’ Then he left. Alright, that sucks. Bruce Prichard I see him and I’m like ‘yo, I came, it wasn’t my fault.’ He goes — he grabs me by the shoulder and he goes ‘well you know maybe one day you might get your opportunity’ and he was grabbing my shoulder and I got so mad and I was like ‘don’t fu*king touch me, this is bull sh*t.’ Yeah (I told him that). ‘If you need me call me don’t fu*k around’ (Mockingly)’I don’t like your trunks, I don’t like your things –‘ I don’t like the trunks, I wear the trunks because I think that’s what pro wrestling is! Fu*k man shut up, give me a chance I guess or help me out. Stop thinking you’re like the best because you run a phony business. It’s so stupid.” 

On the possibility of TNA going out of business:

“I think it’s about time. All the talent they’ve used and neglected that are now making money, it’s obvious that you guys don’t even know. Maybe. Maybe you guys have too many ‘veterans’ that know ‘too much’ that controls ‘too much’ for a paycheck that kind of kills your business and they put the people with the money over so they think they’re over I guess. Maybe I am wrong but at the same time some guys that manage to make a name there, like AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, those guys. But at times too when you watch those guys can be so much more. This guy can be so much more, it was always holding them back because in the wrestling business everybody knows wrestling better than anybody else. So it’s like alright dummy what should I do? I’ll do it and take my paycheck I guess. If not then I’ll go fu*k myself.”

On where he thinks TNA went wrong:

“The legends, the old school guys. I mean you can bring them back, just not all the time don’t abuse them. It gets obvious. They can help but it’s the old way, it’s not the old way anymore. It’s the new way. The new way is more interesting, it’s faster, it’s more action-packed, it’s more like when you watch a hip hop video or a crazy movie, or fighting too. It should be interesting, not boring.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

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