Former World Champion Sami Callihan re-signs with IMPACT Wrestling

Early this morning, just after ringing in the new year, Sami Callihan made a big announcement on Twitter. The Draw has been one of the highlights of IMPACT Wrestling for years now. Callihan debuted for the company all the way back in 2017, joining OVE.



Three years later, and Sami Callihan has been a vital part of IMPACT. His epic rivalries with Tessa Blanchard, Rich Swann, and Eddie Edwards, and his controversial nature have brought quite a lot of attention to the company, good or bad.

Callihan and Edwards will face off one final time when IMPACT returns next Tuesday. Ahead of what is set to be the “end of the road” for their feud, Sami Callihan revealed that he re-signed with IMPACT Wrestling.

Callihan stated that he’d gotten other offers, but IMPACT Wrestling is his company. It’s a new two-year deal for, what he says is big money. What’s next for the Callihan Death Machine after his match with Edwards is unknown. However, he’s always been a thorn in the side of Don Callis and IMPACT management and could get involved with this IMPACT/AEW storyline in a big way.

After all, he has teased a possible reunion with his former tag partner Jon Moxley recently. Could the Switchblade Conspiracy reunite to take out Kenny Omega? Whatever they decide to do, IMPACT Wrestling locking Sami Callihan into a new deal is definitely great news.

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