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Former WWE and ECW Legend defends WWE’s decision to move ahead with Crown Jewel amidst controversy

Tommy Dreamer is no stranger to the wrestling business and has been making huge strides recently with his promotion – House of Hardcore. The Hardcore Legend is a beloved wrestler who’s always been very clear with his opinions on various subjects related to wrestling.

Dreamer took to his Facebook account to defend WWE’s decision to work in Saudi Arabia amidst major controversies happening in the country.

Dreamer brought up WCW’s venture in North Korea back in 1995 and how the political unrest surrounding the nation was put aside back then.

Dreamer then went back to 2001 and brought up the WWE show right after the vicious 9/11 attacks. He said that at the time, he was feeling a whirlwind of emotions and didn’t know what to say regarding WWE’s decision to take such a bold move.

However, he said that Vince McMahon put the decision to participate in the event in the wrestlers’ hands but reminded them about their profession and how it is their duty to heal tormented people by entertaining them.

In 1995 WCW went to North Korea
over 150,000 fans attended
All the political turmoil was put aside
People were united for a moment in time through professional wrestling
I was part of the 1st LIVE gathering after 9/11
I was confused, scared, angry
It was Vince McMahon who told everyone it was our choice if we wanted to perform and he said Its our jobs(the wrestlers) to help put smiles on people faces and help people heal.
I cried when Lillian Garcia sang The National Anthem. I felt patriotism for the first time.
The most horrific event on US soil that changed all of our lives and it was wrestling for me (then baseball Mike Piazza HR) that helped me heal. We will never forget but we did smile & begin to heal as a community. A wrestling community.
I know the world was different in 1995 and before 9/11/2001 social media wasnt as strong as it is. Peoples agendas weren’t pushed,
Just giving my opinion of wrestling and the entire WWE Saudi Arabia show
From my personal perspective
We never stopped something in our country when something horrible happened.
All the wrestlers that I know that went said they had a great time and the kids made it worth it.
Putting smiles on peoples faces is our job
Thank you Vince.

You can check the entire post here:

In 1995 WCW went to North Koreaover 150,000 fans attendedAll the political turmoil was put asidePeople were united…

Posted by The Tommy Dreamer on Tuesday, October 30, 2018

  • Soulshroude

    Tommy Dreamer has been making strides since he began House of Hardcore. There is no “recently” about it. Give Tom more credit than that.

  • Reality check

    So because someone doesn’t have an opinion That corresponds with yours then they can go to hell rite ? You seriously need to grow up and get an attitude adjustment fast. This is the problem with you social justice warriors always complaining and crying because people have different opinions and different options then yourselves. You are absolutely not the end all be all like your ego Tells you that you are. I think you should go ride the a cute little pony and stay away from controversial subjects. I would suggest that you sit yourself down in the corner and beehive like a good little girl and play with your tea set and colouring books .

  • MT McGee

    I’m not crying, I’m simply stating how it should be.

  • MT McGee

    For having a wrong opinion, yes, opinions can be wrong. Hitler’s opinion was it was a good idea to kill the Jews. That was a wrong opinion.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Then they will come on here crying about it. I think now I don’t blame for wrestlers who don’t want to go. But understand WWE will be going back the next 10 years. WWE has been trying to make itself more world wide spread. It will lead to bigger pay day for the wrestler who go.

  • Reality check

    LOL !! You are obviously an over sensitive social justice warrior. WWE have fans all over the world including Saudi Arabia and are very grateful to be able to see this show. I can guarantee that although you complain for the sake of complaining about crown jewel you will be watching just like every one else who is against the show with lube and a hard on.

  • Rinn13

    I don’t seem to remember seeing too many (if any) kids in the “Greatest Royal Rumble” audience, let alone zero women. In fact, it looked like a bunch of (likely rich) Saudi men, who seemed completely disinterested in the show.

  • Rinn13

    Why? For sharing his opinion?

  • MT McGee

    Tommy Dreamer, you can go to hell. Right straight to hell.