Former WWE Champion ‘Gone’ From Raw?

The former WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre could be making a switch to SmackDown soon. Bobby Lashley is having a dominating run as WWE Champion while Roman Reigns is on SmackDown as WWE Universal Champion. It seems that Money in the Bank could be a big opportunity for a surprise, as McIntyre plans on making it his night.



Drew McIntyre could be headed to SmackDown

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that the Drew McIntyre can not challenge Lashley for his title as per the stipulation from Hell in a Cell. This could indicate that the Scottish Warrior is possibly set to go to SmackDown. Daniel Bryan Huge AEW Signing Rumor Leaks

He said:

“I think that stipulation may mean that he goes to SmackDown, because god knows Roman Reigns has no opponents. Who knows if they’re going to do that in the draft?”

It is being said that if Lashley is set to be the top guy on Raw, then it makes sense to move McIntyre over to Roman Reigns as his new opponent as he is running out of challengers. It is also noted that The Tribal Chief had expressed to work with Drew McIntyre and could possibly pass the torch to him.

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