Former WWE Champion Mailed Drugs ‘Inside Games’

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and talk about Justin Credible. Not only did he have one of the greatest ‘pun’ based names, but Justin was actually pretty decent in his time. There’s a dark past that needs to be spoken about, however…WWE Diva ‘Losing Hair’ On Smackdown.



Justin Credible has a groundbreaking book about ready to drop and many are speaking about what is inside the pages. On the recent edition of the ‘Not About Wrestling’ podcast, the crew spoke about the aforementioned book on Credible’s life…

Kenny Casanova is the main host here. He had the following to say: “He (Justin) had a story about a main person on the roster. A former WWE heavyweight champion would ask him (Justin) for drugs.

Kenny dived deeper into the operation: “What he did was they took a Sega Genesis game and they took out the screws and then they took the card out and they would put 8 balls of coke in it and mail it to each other since they were on different rosters. The didn’t really see much of each other.”

Kenny continues: “You could compress the cartridge down to airtight and no red flags or drug sniffing dogs or anything would come up…”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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