Former WWE Champion Needs Neck Surgery?

The former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is one of the top names in the company. It seems there is some unfortunate news for the fans as ‘The Scottish Warrior’ might have to take some time off WWE. It was speculated that Drew McIntyre would be getting a title match after Day 1.



Drew McIntyre could undergo surgery

Drew McIntyre was written off WWE television after getting brutally assaulted at hands of Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss at the WWE Day 1 pay-per-view. They Pillmanized his neck and then WWE confirmed his injury. The company then announced McIntyre suffered injuries, but the actual injuries were not disclosed at the time. As reported earlier, Drew McIntyre is out of action with a neck injury.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Drew McIntyre will be undergoing medical evaluation on his neck. The company hopes it’s not a very serious issue but he may require major neck surgery.

“Legitimately, McIntyre’s neck has been bothering him for months and if he kept going he was on the way to major surgery. As of a few days ago, the plan was for McIntyre to have the neck looked at extensively over the next week. There’s really nothing more known until it’s fully examined The hope is that it’s not bad and he can come back soon, at least by Mania, and that he won’t need surgery which will put him out for months. But right now nobody knows. From a timing standpoint it wasn’t good because Smackdown has no other full-time top face.”

We will have to wait and see if the former WWE Champion would require a surgery in the upcoming days.

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