Former WWE Champion ‘Pulled’ From SummerSlam Card

WWE have not been shy lately as it pertains to either firing stars or putting stars on a forced hiatus. On top of all of that, WWE have now started pulling stars from their originally scheduled matches and switching them around at the huge upcoming pay-per-view, SummerSlam. While WWE is certainly losing big names, one would think that they would keep top stars happy, but this isn’t the case for one star that we are all fond of….CM Punk & Michael Jordan Huge AEW Rumor Leaks.



Finn Balor has now seen his name on the blacklist for SummerSlam as the star will no longer be doing things as planned. Finn was originally supposed to face against Roman Reigns at the event, but this has been changed around due to John Cena returning as he will now be facing off against The Tribal Chief.

Finn Balor was incredibly heart broken by this news when it first broke to him and he let off some steam in a recent interview. Finn had the following to say: “It’s actually very difficult for me to accept the situation. I would probably have had fewer problems with that three years ago. But now I’m much more confident and know exactly what I’m capable of. And I think what happened there is just wrong. My name was in bold on the SummerSlam contract. John Cena may have signed it, but my name was on the contract. I have to have a serious word with John about that.”

Finn closed: “To be honest, I don’t know what is “off the table” or “on the plan” because unfortunately I cannot determine the matches,” Finn Balor said. “But every match shape suits me. I am currently in the best shape of my career so far. I’ve been performing consistently at the highest level for the past year and a half. If you put me in a one-on-one match against Roman Reigns, then I’ll show my performance. If you put me in a one-on-one fight with John Cena, I’ll deliver too. And if you put me in the ring with both of them, then I’ll find my strategy and show everything I have there too.”

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