Former WWE Champion Returns To Raw?

You’ll never know who is going to show up on WWE Monday Night Raw, or any of WWE’s programming. Whether it’s on-screen or backstage, surprises are always bound to happen and that was made abundantly clear during a recent interview on ‘The Kurt Angle Show’ where former WWE Champion Randy Orton was interviewed by Conrad Thompson and WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. Is this top WWE Raw star about to lose millions?



During the interview, Orton revealed how former 16-time world’s champion, Ric Flair has been repeatedly backstage during WWE Monday Night Raw despite not having on-screen involvement in several months. The last time Flair was on WWE programming was back in February. On February 15, Evans’ real-life pregnancy was announced and incorporated into a storyline on that night’s episode of Raw. Evans was scheduled to face Asuka for Raw Women’s Championship at Elimination Chamber but the match was cancelled due to her pregnancy and the storyline with Flair was cancelled. Credit to SportsKeeda for the below quote.

“I saw Ric Flair on (Monday). ‘Hey, Ric.’ We actually rode from the hotel together, and I asked him, you know, ‘Are you doing something tonight on the show?’ He said, ‘No, Randy, I love coming around. I love seeing the guys. I love seeing you guys talk and putting stuff together. I love talking to some guys. The comradery, he said he loved this business. And I love being around it. If Charlotte wasn’t there, he would have been there anyway, Conrad (Thompson). I know it,” Randy Orton said. Orton dropped a huge WWE firing bombshell not too long ago. 

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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