Former WWE Developmental Talent Says Bill DeMott Stories Are True, Brandon Traven Speaks Out

– As noted, the second letter that was leaked this week from a former WWE developmental talent to WWE’s Canyon Cemen regarding how NXT head coach Bill DeMott treated them was written by Brian Beaker, who was known in NXT as Brandon Traven. Beaker commented on the controversy on his Twitter today and said the letter that he sent while he was with WWE was leaked this week without his permission. He wrote the following tweets this week:



Another former WWE developmental talent, Drew Donovan, who was known as Chase Donovan, took to his Facebook and made the following comments:

“For the record, Everything coming out in this WWE Developmental fiasco is pretty much one hundred percent true. More people would speak out if it weren’t for that “maybe they’ll hire me back” mentality. Not bitching, complaining, trying to correct an injustice, looking for a handout, or anything. Just saying. Now stop messaging me for confirmation and let me be depressed about turning 30.”

“A certain point comes where you just lose respect for a dude for NOT punching someone in the face. Nude top rope squats is pretty much that point. Luckily I must have missed that day.”

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