Former WWE Diva in High Times, Lance Storm Speaks on Jeff Hardy, RVD News

– Former WWE Diva Shelly Martinez announced on her Twitter page that she will be featured in the January 2010 issue of High Times.



– Rob Van Dam won the WSU European Championship in a tournament at Friday night’s World Stars of Wrestling event in Portimao, Portugal. Regarding his title win, RVD tweeted: “RVD won the WSW world championship last night in Portimao, Portugal with what? 5 Star Frog Splash bitches!”

– Lance Storm posted a message on his website ( on Friday reflecting on September 11, 2001 as well as Jeff Hardy’s arrest. Storm says he believes police charged Jeff with drug trafficking simply because of the large quantity of drugs found, not because he was actually a drug dealer. Storm said:

“I think having your own personal drug problems (no matter how severe) and being a drug trafficker are two completely different things. If the quantities of drugs, reportedly found in Jeff’s possession, are accurate then we have to assume he has a very serious drug problem, and that, even more so than his pending legal woes, is my biggest concern.

When Jeff was suspended from WWE the last time, for a Wellness violation, and then shortly there after lost his house and dog in a fire my heart went out to him. I think a lot of people (myself included) thought and hoped that was a turning point for Jeff and he had gotten his life in order since. Unfortunately that does not appear to be the case.”

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