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Former WWE producer reveals they thought about making SmackDown an all women show

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With WWE presenting their first ever All Women’s PPV later this month, a lot of people wonder if the company could introduce an All Women’s brand next.

However, during the recent episode of his Something To Wrestle podcast, former WWE producer Bruce Prichard revealed that they had actually thought about making SmackDown an all women brand.

According to him they had discussed the idea of making the Blue Branded show a women’s exclusive but ultimately decided against it because they didn’t have enough talent:

“We definitely discussed it, we looked at it, but we just didn’t have the depth to do it on a consistent basis week after week. We really didn’t have enough talent to do that, and in addition to that, if you were going to do that maybe not do it on the broadcast show because Vince McMahon was looking at that the more eyeballs”

Do you think SmackDown would have made it to 1000 episode if it was a women’s only show? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • CC

    Quite simply put, changing a show like Smackdown to all women would have failed for several reasons.
    Firstly, despite the raised profile of womens wrestling in the last few years, it still lacks the interest level of mens wrestling.

    Secondly because it would mean segregation, which is never good.
    Thirdly because not their is not enough decent women wrestlers to do this.

    A one hour a week network show would certainly be the way to go, but we have seen with 205 live that division specific shows are not necessarily a good idea. But as long as both SD and RAW retain the female wrestlers as part of their roster, the network show could be more aimed at things like tag teams etc.