Hardcore Holly Threatened Big Name For $700

Bob Holly had a fine career in WWE. The former WWE star worked in the company for 15 long years. While his work was primarily in the main roster, in the year 2003 to 2004, he took to working with WWE OVW where he schooled a lot of up and coming talent. WWE Top Star Demanded To Work For New Company



Bob Holly accused of threatening

Holly was accused of threatening to beat up one of the biggest wrestling managers of all time, Kenny Bolin. The manager was behind many talents from the OVW platform, and that was when the duo had crossed paths for the worse. Bolin spoke with Wrestling’s SP3, where he shed light on this matter:

Bob Holly was the worst. Bob Holly thought that I made $700 profit off a personal appearance he went to. I said, ‘How the f*** did I make $700? Your personal appearance drew 34 people.

Bolin revealed that the bone of content was a payment of $700. Holly did not think that the legendary manager was entitled to the payment. Bolin still stayed true to his metal despite the threat of being beaten on television. The former manager added:

“How do you think I made $700? And if I did, how do you think you’re entitled to it? Nobody f***ing came to see you.’ So he was gonna beat me up at television and [thought] I was gonna give him $700.”

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