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Former WWE Star Comments On Adam Rose’s Legal Issues

Suspended WWE star Adam Rose (Ray Leppan) is currently in some legal trouble after he had a domestic incident with his wife at his home on Wednesday morning. He was released from jail on bond and was required to seek counseling from his church pastor once a week until his follow-up hearing next month.

WWE producer Brian “BG” James responded to a fan on Twitter, who brought up Rose’s situation.

  • Chris E.

    “Spirited Argument”? There was no argument there. Of course it reflects badly on WWE when one of the talents gets into trouble. It wouldn’t make the news if it was just the millwright Ray Leppan that’ mugshot made the news. It is global WWE star Adam Rose (Ray Leppan), and WWE will be in every news story surrounding him so it casts a shadow on WWE. WWE wouldnt have taken action if they thought it would not have some negative affect. It would have been worse if it had been Cena as he is more recognizable as being one of the WWE’ poster boys, so movies, tv talk shows, etc…
    WWE talent should keep off the subject all together. Here is a business based on settling disputes with violence. You have big men beating up little people, women attacking men, and men attacking women (that are their boss).

  • Hunter_13

    basically, road dogg said that Adam Rose carrer is over… nothing new..

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    Regardless of the argument, he is done and done is done.