Former WWE Star Sir Mo on How Approachable McMahon Was, Big Show vs. Roman Reigns, More

– From Vic Schiavone, below is a recap of former WWE star Si Mo’s recent appearance on In Your Head Wrestling Radio from January 9th, 2015:



Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps welcomed Bobby Horne to IYH Wrestling Radio. Bobby is best known for his time in the WWF where he wrestled under the name Sir Mo of the tag team “Men on a Mission” and held the WWF World Tag Team Championship with his partner Nelson Frazier (Mabel). The interview touched on his time in the WWF and his thoughts on the wrestling product today.

Highlights included the following:

* During your time in the WWF, how approachable was Vince McMahon if you had any issues?

“That’s a crazy question, because when you talk to guys now days and you ask if Vince was approachable, a lot of guys say they never see him, except maybe at TV or something when he’s walking through. But back in our day, Vince was always out and about mingling with the boys. If you had a problem or you needed to talk to him, you’d say “Vince, can we talk to you for a minute?” And Vince would be like, “Yeah, come on,” and he’d walk you all the way to his office unless it was something that you felt you could talk to him right there. But he’d walk you all the way to his office, sit down with you, you could express your concerns, and if he could fix it right then he’d fix it right then and if he couldn’t he’d pass it on to J.J. (Dillon) and have J.J. work on it. But he was really down to earth back then; I don’t know how he is now, but back then he was very approachable.”

* His opinion of Roman Reigns’ current program with The Big Show:

“I don’t know what anybody else thinks about it, but my personal opinion is he (Reigns) can’t look too good in that program…I think if you really want that guy to be THE GUY, I think that what you should do is you should go ahead and spend the money and you should go ahead and make your world champion (Brock Lesnar) work more dates and make him work, because he’d have a better match with Roman Reigns than Big Show…I’m not trying to take anything away from the big guy, but there’s only so much he can do, number one. He’s not a great bumper, and it just doesn’t look good Big Show against some little guy and they never do anything to really knock him off his feet, to where it’s believable….I don’t see the value of Roman Reigns in a program against Big Show…I don’t see him learning anything from that, the matches are not very good, and look how they always end…They want to build up this guy up as the next big thing, but I just think they have him against the wrong person if they want to do that.”

* What does he think about these professional wrestlers going to do MMA?

“You know what, man? It’s sports entertainment. And if you can make a dollar… because it is a proven fact and it isn’t a secret that most guys once they get into professional wrestling and they make it to a level where they’re making a living from it for a couple of years, the last thing they want to do is go back to a 9 to 5 shoot job…A lot of people, they try to find every avenue that they can to make money once they’ve made a name for themselves in the big time. And if going to MMA is the answer…Like CM Punk right now; he’s got a big enough name that win, lose, or draw he’s going to make enough money on his first match even if he gets his ass handed to him it won’t matter. Think about it; Brock didn’t leave professional wrestling to go to MMA and win every fight. It took quite a few to get to that level; the first couple were very sloppy…He survived though, and he made a name for himself and he’ll probably be a bigger name now going back than he was when he originally went the first time, because now he’s going back with experience. When he showed up the first time, he was just some big dumb wrestler coming from that old fake sport; nobody wanted to take him serious. Now they have to take him serious…I just hope that Vince really has some serious plans for something or somebody once Brock leaves, because right now I don’t know how many more matches I can stomach with John Cena against Randy Orton.”

Other topics discussed included:

* What legendary wrestler was one of the biggest supporters of “Men on a Mission”?

* What did he think of the idea for “Men on a Mission” when it was presented to him?

* Who were some of the tag teams he felt they had their best matches with?

* What is his opinion of the WWE Network?

* What is the story behind a backstage incident with a member of the Kliq that led to him being pulled off TV for nine months?

Sir Mo will be appearing with Fan For Life Wrestling at New England Fan Fest 5 on Saturday, June 27, 2015 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island. For additional information, go to .

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